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Mad Monkey Environmental and Social Governance Statement

At Mad Monkey, we pride ourselves in creating meaningful and sustainable travel experiences for our
Find out how we promote responsible travel to reshape the tourism industry into a mutually
beneficial relationship for our guests, our team, and the local communities in which we are located.

10 Years of Mad Monkey

Ten years ago, three backpackers were taken by the charm of Cambodia and its people and found themselves continuously extending their stays. As they got to know the locals and discovered the underrated beauty of this often overlooked country, they were also faced with the immense poverty of Cambodia.

Wanting to contribute something positive and lasting to the community they had quickly learned to love, they had the idea to create a substantial and sustainable business that would help other travelers experience the wonders of this country. And thus, Mad Monkey was born and has quickly expanded since.

Ten years later, the Mad Monkey family finds itself in the midst of a global pandemic where likely, no other industry has been hit harder than budget tourism. It’s during this time that we’ve tested and taken a deeper look at our core values: Curiosity, Positivity, Courage, Sincerity and Family Spirit.

In the past decade, we’ve not only instilled these values into the Mad Monkey team, but we’ve used them to create meaningful and long lasting relationships with local organizations.

The purpose of every Mad Monkey hostel is to provide the best customer experience in the most sustainable way for the benefit of the customers, team members, and the communities where we are located.

Our ESG initiatives are driven by Mad Monkeys 5 core values.

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See our CSR reports on our blog.

Our ESG initiatives are driven by Mad Monkeys 5 core values.



Every day is a school day in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

We believe education is of the utmost importance, which is why the first local community project we partnered with was Cambodian Children’s Fund in Phnom Penh. CCF is an education program that helps children and their families lift themselves out of poverty by providing excellent facilities, food, medical services, and vocational training.

Mad Monkey is proud to support the Kampong Cham Classroom CCF + 1 Child Education sponsorship every year. Over the years, CCF has grown to two schools with more than 2,400 students and 64 education programs. We believe that truly impactful change begins with education and that all people should have the opportunity to be curious and learn.

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We are positive about our future, work, and life.

We are optimistic about the future of the budget travel industry, even during these trying times. While we had to close the doors of all of our hostels in Southeast Asia last year, we were able to offer housing for our local teams during the pandemic in our properties, in addition to sustaining jobs for as many of our team members as possible.

We have used the time during the pandemic to refocus on the reason we exist, improve our policies and define the new ways that we can increase our positive impact over the next ten years.


When we started Mad Monkey ten years ago we were told we were mad. Ten years later and in the midst of a pandemic, we’re still pushing forward to create a positive impact.

With government regulations changing on a regular basis, we have learned to adapt to the shifting climate of travel and to deal with the hand that COVID-19 has dealt our team.

Our team has become stronger in the face of adversity, the company has raised its Series A capital during the middle of the pandemic and has been busy cooking up our technology and building our pipeline of new properties under development whilst COVID-19 still restricts our ability to operate.

We aim to positively impact a further 50 communities over the next 60 months by creating more Mad Monkeys in amazing locations.


We do right by people and we’re true to our word.

We carefully select local community projects for each Mad Monkey location that we believe will have a positive and sustainable impact. One of our longest relationships is with the Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children. They are a non-profit that builds water wells in parts of rural Siem Reap, Cambodia for villages where people must walk an average of 2km every day for drinking water.

Together with CBAVD, Mad Monkey has funded over 400 water wells in Cambodia, where 4 million people lack access to safe water and 6 million people lack access to proper sanitation. We have also worked with Trailblazer Foundation to fund even more water wells to those in need. We believe that this is a project that addresses a root cause problem of poverty in Cambodia and we’re proud to support the CBAVC in their efforts to provide this basic human right to our communities.

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Family Spirit

We’re committed to the wellbeing and growth of our people. The goal of Mad Monkey as a socially responsible business is to provide fair employment and a positive, supportive work environment for locals to stimulate the economy at a grassroots level.

Additionally, Mad Monkey offers continuous learning programs, language courses and opportunities for career progression within the company. We strongly believe in developing our own talent, recruiting locally, and growing and progressing our team from within.

Diversity, inclusion, and sustainability have been founding principles alongside our core values at Mad Monkey since we created our first hostel in 2011. Mad Monkey was one of the few companies to champion disability and special needs employment, we were blogging about triple bottom line accounting and the need to drive sustainability ten years ago

We believe that having these commitments and standards as the foundation of our business family will trickle down to our customers and continue to benefit the communities in which we are located. From eliminating single-use plastics, to training our staff about child safety, we strive to become more sustainable and responsible in every aspect of our business every day.


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